2022 Сукні для атласних випускних суконь Junoesque Wims Blue Ball

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All dresses here can be custom made, they can be custom size, color, if you have custom idea, please feel free to contact with us, we will let you know whether it is available, will try our best to fulfil your expect designs.
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Як щодо особливого стилю випускного плаття? 2022 Джуневський темно -синій сукня з блакитного балу з атласних випускних сукнях з такою кількістю стилів випускного плаття, що демонструються, ви отримаєте чудові та підходящі випускні сукні, нарешті.
Показаний колір Темно-синій
Hemline/поїзд Довжина до підлоги
Силует Колона
Декольте Без плечей
Рукав Довгі рукави
Стиль спини Блискавка
Форма тіла Яблук
Талію Природний
Тканина Атлас
Прикраса Аплікації, бісер
Сезон Осінь, весна, літо, зима

If you need cusotm measurement, we need following measurement.

bust______ cm/inch 
shoulder to shoulder :_______cm/inch (measured from back of shoulder) 
shoulder to bust :_______cm/inch (measured from middle shoulder to nipple) 
shoulder to waist :_______cm/inch (measured from middle of shoulder to natural waist) 
Shoulder to hem with shoes on :_______cm/inch (length from shoulder over nipple to floor with shoe on)
nipple to nipple:_______cm/inch 
armhole__________cm/inch (end of arm, only necessary for one shoulder, straps, dresses with sleeves.
Length of sleeve____________

How To Measure——Children

Color Chart

Please select your favorite colors according to the actual color charts below. Please kindly make sure that you choose the correct color number from the correct fabric color charts. Please also kindly allow the tiny color differences caused by different fabric and monitor condition. Enjoy your shopping!

  • Tulle
  • Chiffon

Soft Satin







Omber Color:



Size Chart

A perfect-fitting dress starts with perfect measurements. Before ordering a made-to-measure dress, we strongly encourage finding a professional local tailor who can help you measure accurately. Here, we'll show you which measurements are needed and how to correctly take them. Warning: measuring yourself at home is trickier than you think! For best results, always have your measurements taken by a professional local tailor.